Power Rankings: Virtual Edition
by IIHF.com|23 MAY 2020
Latvia’s passionate fans once voted Zemgus Girgensons into the NHL All-Star Game, and now they’ve put their country into the Virtual World Championship final.
photo: Francois Laplante / HHOF-IIHF Images
In 2015, Latvian fans voted Buffalo’s Zemgus Girgensons into the NHL All-Star Game. In 2020, those fans came through again in the Virtual Worlds semi-finals. Check out our sixth Power Rankings! First-place Latvia will battle Finland for gold, while the third-place Czechs take on Slovakia for bronze.
1 LAT If we did it for Girgensons, we can do it for gold!
2 FIN Hey, Latvia! Our smallness is bigger than your smallness!
3 CZE Millennials – why can’t they clog up the neutral zone?
4 SVK When the Czechs cross our blue line, Chara will sit on them
5 SWE Still the world’s greatest World Junior round-robin nation
6 SUI “Bernie? It’s Florence. No, we can’t use ‘Feel the Bern.’”
7 CAN In 1993, McSorley did not flatten the curve
8 RUS Fun fact: when the Wild drafted Kaprizov, Jack Hughes was 14
9 NOR We’re also in better shape than the cruise industry
10 GBR We’re tenth and we know we are!
11 USA “Stop, Matthew! Don’t stick that up Drew’s nose!”
12 GER When Britain leaves, we should totally invite Korea
13 DEN Does Lafreniere like Lego?
14 ITA Julius Caesar is not impressed
15 BLR Yay! We’re only relegated virtually!
16 KAZ Virtual relegation is LITERALLY the best thing ever
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The Power Rankings are for the enjoyment of IIHF.com readers, and reflect the progress of teams during this Virtual World Championship with scores based on fan voting. They are distinct from the official standings and IIHF World Ranking.